Welcome && Intro

Written by: Ray Arayilakath

Posted on: 2021-05-18

Hello there, let me introduce myself: the name's Ray I'm a highschooler going to Westlake Academy in Texas. I am a hobby coder and Fullstack Web Developer who aspires to be an Aerospace Engineer.

I've always had a fondness for design, I try to be creative and unique in all my interactions. This has resulted me to chase many hobbies in drawing, origami, multimedia, various animations, video production, and most recently programming and development!

This website is a project in the making for several months, however it was only of late that I decided to actually make it (blame it on Principles of IT). I initially wanted to revise my original website using NextJS however I decided that I could do better. I drafted up, planned, and designed a newer website recycling some parts such as the auto-coding effect while also adding in more function pieces such as a navigation bar, actual metrics, and this blog!

I gathered inspiration from several other developers, sometimes building off their ideas and sometimes admitting my skill level is not that high... yet! Now might be the time to explain my appreciation for opensource. I never keep any of my projects closed source and even this website is available to use under the MIT License.

"Knowledge should be shared and people should seek to gather more knowledge to embetter themselves!" - Ray Arayilakath

All in all, there is little to be said about me besides I am persistent and creative when it comes to what I do.